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Compulsory courses, based on the current Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Industrial safety at hazardous production facilities.
  • Knowledge check of industrial safety rules for the operation of lifting mechanisms.
  • Knowledge check of the requirements for gas supply system facilities.
  • Knowledge check of industrial safety rules for operation of equipment operating under pressure.
  • Knowledge check of the rules for operation of main gas pipelines.
  • Fire safety basics.
  • Training of managers and specialists in general labor safety.
  • Industrial safety requirements for handling acids and alkalis.
  • Safety regulations for the operation of thermal mechanical equipment of power stations and heating networks.
  • Safety regulations for the operation of electrical installations of consumers with the assignment of electrical safety groups.
  • Training of drivers for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Safety courses

  • Safe work performance in confined space.
  • Safe work at height.
  • First aid.
  • Safe excavation work practices.
  • Rules for the safe performance of work in conditions of high hydrogen sulfide content and Drager and Micromax gas analyzers.
  • Safe forklift driving.
  • Manual load handling.
  • Lifting and rigging work.
  • Incident investigation.

Qualification courses

  • Operator of boiler plants.
  • Slinger.
  • Gas cutter.
  • Electric and gas welder.
  • Oil loading rack operator.
  • Gas station operator.
  • Carpenter.
  • Sandblaster operator.
  • Painter.
  • Refractory installer.
  • Plumber.
  • Fitter – installer of technological pipelines.
  • Assembler of steel structures.
  • Welder of polyethylene pipes.
  • Scaffolding fitter.
  • Operator-thermist.
  • Steel erector.
  • Insulator.
  • Scaffolding inspector.
  • Hard brazing operator.
  • Operator of a self-propelled hydraulic lift.
  • Pipelayer operator.
  • Operator of a crane operated from the floor.
  • Power earth drill driver.

Courses on civil defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Training of leadership on civil defense in organizations – Level 1.
  • Training of the personnel of the civil defense formations – Level 2.
  • Training of the rest of the company’s personnel who are not part of the civil defense units – Level 3.