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Corporate training is the training of company employees organized by this organization to increase the efficiency of its work.

Corporate training is non-state, its goals and objectives, the content and methods of organizing the educational process, as well as, the contingent of students and teachers are established by the company’s management.

The main advantages of corporate training:

  • the focus of the educational process on solving specific problems of professional activity that are relevant for a given company, which ensures its high “return”, payback;
  • the ability to organize the educational process in such a way that the employment of employees with educational activities does not reduce the productivity of their work during the training period;
  • the inclusion of corporate training in the personnel management system allows you to quickly carry out advanced training, in accordance with the constantly changing external requirements and internal needs of the organization;
  • the formation of employees’ not only new professional knowledge and skills, but also a special corporate culture, which is manifested in the interaction of personnel within the company, as well as, in work with customers and partners.

“Kazakhstan Recruitment & Training Service” LLP offers various corporate training courses for your employees.

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